CareCloud CRM

GOPASS - the winner of Best CRM Award 2015 in prestigious international competition The Loyalty Awards 2015 is operated on CRM CareCloud

GOPASS, vítěz Best CRM Award 2015 v prestižní mezinárodní soutěži The Loyalty Awards 2015, je provozován na platformě CRM CareCloud

Customer Service

The module CareCloud for administration of Customer accounts allows administration of customer accounts and all related customer data which the central database contains.

It gives clear information about purchasing behaviour, including: loyalty cards, vouchers or other rewards and benefits, as well as statuses and inclusion into segment or marketing activities with respect to individual accounts.

The CareCloud CRM not only informs, but also allows active work on the customer account, user setting of necessary parameters and updates of selected data to the account – all with respect to the hierarchy of user´s access rights.

Campaigns & Segmentation

The module CareCloud CRM Campaigns & Segmentation allows simple preparation of data for realization of the campaign based on the definition of parameters and selected criteria of the segment selected. The defined segment can be consecutively used for the creation of a DM campaign communicated by post, e-mail or through SMS and the selected information can be distributed also by using personalized web pages or through social networks.

The module Campaigns is able to test sending and displaying of prepared DM communication, send the campaign with the selected priority and consequently evaluate its success rate by comparison with the purchasing behaviour of unaddressed groups. CareCloud CRM is able to choose the segment which will best react to the selected way of marketing communication according to various criteria. It facilitates user preparation thanks to saved templates and makes the campaign faster and easier.

CareCloud CRM has a direct connection to SMS gate and there are also modules for communication with web applications or Facebook by using web services at disposal.

Analyses & Reporting

The analytical system contains reports for evaluation of the purchasing behaviour of customers, profit and margins, geoanalytical tools, reports of success rates, reaction and the course of marketing activities. More advanced analyses allow assessment of RFM /Recency - Frequency - Monetary/ parameters. The geoanalytical module is able to compare the selected values from the point of view of regional layout in well-arranged maps and item analyses clearly analyze the shopping cart.

The geoanalytical module is able to compare the selected values from the point of view of regional layout in well-arranged maps and item analyses clearly analyze the shopping cart. Besides these basic analytical tools, CareCloud CRM allows users to create ad hoc reports in its analytical module, for whose creation all items from the data warehouse, including the data from primary source systems, can be used. The user simply chooses a combination of any selected data from the data warehouse, determines the type of output set and, based on the assessment of results, simply prepares the consequent marketing activities.


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CareCloud CRM is developed and implemented by Cortex spol. s r.o. It is localized and maintained in cooperation with our contractual partners in specific regions.

Cortex is headquartered in Prague 9, U Elektry 974/1c, 190 00, Czech Republic.

Pricewise, spol. s r.o.

Phone: +421 905 937 773
E-mail: sjjmgi@tvmgiamwi.wo

The development of CareCloud CRM has been for a long co-developed also by our business partner Pricewise – a company that specializes in creating and managing profitable loyalty programs and pricing solutions. Program GOPASS, that won The Loyalty Awards 2015 was designed, is being further developed and partly serviced by our partner Pricewise.